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Adventures of A London Rollergirl

May BeTwisted 8734
29 July
Name: May B Twisted
Position You Play: Blocker
Team: Steam Rollers
Kicking Ass On Skates Since: February 2008
Injuries: torn calf muscle and a black eye. (Miraculously few considering how accident prone I am)
Distinguishing Feature(s): mile-wide streak of enthusiasm
Theme Song: Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal
Height: Shorter than I appear
Age: older than I look
Birthday: July 29th
Sexual Preference: open minded
Loves: friends, dancing, pirates, dinosaurs. Dinosaur pirates.
Despises: hangovers, being bored
Favourite Food or Drink: Morgans spiced with diet coke.
Favourite Quote: "I'm not supposed to eat Twiglets. they make me violent"
Favourite Movie: Predator, the Princess Bride and Monsters Inc
Favourite Songs: anything you can dance to

I used to live on roller skates as a little girl, but hadn't skated as an adult at all when I went to my first practice in February 2008...and was hooked within 10 minutes.

I am really emmelinemay, where I put all the crap about my life. I'm also 2wheelsbetter where I write about cycle commuting in London. Hopefully, I shall write here about what it's like to be a rollergirl, how I learn, if I'm any good at it, the bouts, and our attempts to get the London Rollergirls (and Roller Derby in general!) London wide and UK wide recognition as an exciting extreme sport.

I am told that I must put it in writing that in the event of my death in a most ridiculous and pointless way during a misadventure of the highest order, s0b is exonerated from all blame or responsibility, even if it was his idea in the first place that led to whatever accident may befall me.

Not sure what Roller Derby is? look here!

My team is the STEAM ROLLERS! We are awesome, and will CRUSH YOU.

The Team:
#04 Fox Sake (capt)
#73 Bette Noir (co-capt)
#907 Auntie Terror
#ICU2 Ena Flash
#45 Grrim Rita
# Little Bunny Scroo Yoo
#60 MaePalm
#∞ May BeTwisted
#KGB Misha Naccomplished
#U96 Nuke-Leah
#17 Sky Rockit
#08 Slice Andice
#31 Spooky Von Strange
#.357 Raw Heidi
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